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Sugar Network/Resources

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: This is an attempt a system level property to generalize the idea to track object's condition. It is a list of [ user/resource levels] with states set by the idea that objects should not be removed from system during the Network immediately (only hidden, and permanently removed by Network administrators)object life cycle. So, every resource is associated with a layer, i.e., it might be visible for observers only if they requested Users cannot directly write to this layer and have permissions to see itproperty.Currently supported states are:
: For now* ''deleted'' set after removing objects by users; right after user deletes, only the following list of layers is implemented, object still remains in the system but the layer concept might be reused for [ teachers related workflows] later:becomes inaccessible to user requests;:* ''publicfavorite''applied only to [[Sugar_Network/API#Client_proxy|local Context objects]], set if user ''stared'' the object is visible for everyone;:* ''deletedcheckin'' Network applied only to [[Sugar_Network/API#Client_proxy|local Context objects]], set if user ' layer will be changed 'pinned'' some of Context releases to {{Code|deleted}} after removing objects by userskeep permanently in the local system.
<div id="context-type"></div>
:* ''package'', GNU/Linux package metadata.
<div id="implementation-license"></div> '''Implementation.license''' : Short license names. The licenses should conform with the [[Activity Library]] licensing [[Activity_Library/Editors/Policy/Licensing|policy]]. <div id="implementation-stability"></div> '''Implementation.stability''' : Stability level of the Implementation. Values conform to Sugar Network [[Sugar_Network/Recipe_Specification#Software_stability_levels|recipe specification]]. <div id="implementation-requires"></div> '''Implementation.requires''' : A list of dependencies the ''Implementation'' requires to be installed in the system. The property is being auto populated from a [[Sugar_Network/Recipe_Specification#Dependencies|spec file]] from the uploaded ''Implementation'' bundle. This field exists only to simplify users driven queries, the real dependency checking bases on [[Sugar_Network/Recipe_Specification#Dependencies|spec files]]. <div id="notification-type"></div> '''Notification.type''' :* ''create'', object was created;:* ''update'', object's properties were modified;:* ''delete'', object was deleted (hidden);:* ''vote'', object was voted/unvoted. <div id="feedback-type"></div> '''Feedback.type''' :* ''question'':* ''idea'':* ''problem'' <div id="artifactpost-type"></div>
:* ''instancereview'', Sugar activity instance Review the Context;:* ''object'', Object generated by Context application;:* ''question'', Q&A request;:* ''answer'', Q&A response;:* ''issue'', Propblem with the Context;:* ''announce'', General announcement;:* ''notification'', Auto-generated Post for updates within the Context;:* ''feedback'', Review parent Post;:* ''post'', General purpose dependent Post.

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