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* XO-1 [ 41002SL0.img] [ crc]([])
* SD images for XO-1 [ zd 41002SL0.zd] ([]) ('''UPLOADING''')
These images are NOT signed by OLPC, therefore you need an unsecured XO for installing these images. To save some time, you can use [ this tool].
=== About the SD images for XO-1 ===
These images are a development of James Cameron, to help improve the performance on XO-1 devices.
To install these unsigned builds, you may use fs-update on an XO-1.5, XO-1.75, or XO-4, and then move the SD card.
Alternatively, this Open Firmware fragment: can be added to the top of
the [ 41002SL0.zd.zsp] file, and then
manually loaded from the ok prompt:
ok fl u:\41002SL0.zd.zsp
This will then read the 41002SL0.zd file and store it on an SD card.
Later versions of olpc-os-builder can add this fragment.
== Changes ==
These images include the last version of sugar packages, and the following activities updates:

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