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Community News
[[File:SugaronastickAvocado-320px.png|320px|right|link=Sugar on a Stick/10|Click Me!]]
* Sugar Labs will be participating in [[Google Code In 2014]]begins on 1 December. Sugar Labs is participating. We hope you do as well.* The Fedora 21 release candidate 1 that includes Sugar/Sugar on a Stick is available for testing at []. Tip-of-the-hat to Peter Robinson and the many community members who have helped with testing and feedback.
* Trisquel 7 Sugar ([[Trisquel On A Sugar Toast]]) has been released with Sugar 0.102.
* We are excited to announce that Sugar 0.102.0 (stable) is released. See [[0.102/Notes]] for details. And please help us with [[0.102/Testing|Testing]].
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== Archival entries ==
* Sugar Labs has been accepted into [[Summer of Code/2014|Google Summer of Code for 2014]]!! Potential students should start working on their proposals (See [[Summer of Code/Template]]).

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