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Design Team/Logo Ideas

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Please add your logo ideas to the image gallery.
====Sugar OS Logo based on Activity-Icons====
Rationale-Goal: simple, intended to reproduce reproduces well at large or very small sizes (down to favicon), nodding to building on familiarity of previous logo ancestry yet emphasizing activities Activities that draw kids in -- chatting, TamTam, art - to evince give a playful feel. Intention - : to be accessible and memorable to both kids and adults, building on previous brand equity, as well as saying what sugar Sugar "is". Animated gif version (pulls out umbrella to avoid rotten tomatoes) could substitute rotate through various activity icons).
Question: should the Sugar Labs logo and Sugar OS logo be one and the same? Perhaps Sugar Labs should have a separate logo, in order to allow for variants on OS, and other projects.
Here are two ideas for a Sugar Labs logo; it's good to consider how a logo would look in greyscale/printed out. Suggests sugar cube. Goal was also to be able to reproduce well from large to very small size, independent of text treatment.
[[mage: SUGAROSlogoRGB.gif]]
====Designs by Luca Ferrari and Franco Lodato====

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