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Oversight Board/Deployment Survey 2015

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== Introduction ==
With the objectiveof get more information about deployments to help us evaluatealternatives for future developments at SugarLabs, the SLOBs run a
survey at the beginning of 2015.
The questions weresend by email, and we received 15 replies, with information about 21deployments (some respondents are involved in more than onedeployment). Then the first conclusion is that we need improve ourcommunication with the deployments, but the results arerepresentative enough. In particular, we couldn’t communicate withsome of the biggest deployments.
The questions wesend were:
*Describe the actual population using Sugar in your deployment (number of people, public/private schools, ages, etc.) *Projections for the next year(s): number of schools (teachers & students), platform (hw&sw) *What type of communication do you have with SugarLabs? *What is the level of satisfaction with the use of Sugar and activities in your deployment. *What are the main issues you find in the use of Sugar and Activities in your deployment. *Are other options of hardware/software in use in your deployment right now? *What are your plans to the future one/two years, with respect to the use of Sugar? *Would you pay for support or services? What type of work would be needed by you?

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