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== Hosted on ==
For non-emergency calls, preferably send email to the administrative contact.
* [[User:CjlSebastian|Chris LeonardSebastian Silva]] has Pootle administrator privs.assumed maintainership tasks* [[User:RafaelOrtiz Cjl| Rafael OrtizChris Leonard]] has system admin and Pootle admin administrator privs, and heads the localization efforts.
* [[User:Bernie|Bernie Innocenti]] has system admin and Pootle administrator privs, but takes care only of OS-level administration.
* [[User:SayaminduDasgupta|Sayamindu Dasgupta]] is the former admin. He still has an emeritus sysadmin account and he can be very helpful if contacted by email.
== Mantainance Notes ==
Pootle in Sugar is maintained. (dirakx icarito has step-up to be maint) We (godiard / martin_xsa / erikos / dirakx / Bernie / Dogi) <!-- :)--> are trying to resolve the pending issues because we need working translations. To date translations are working, we are working in a new VM pootle-devel to test upgrades of the Pootle/Django/Translate-toolkit stack.  The last maintainer was Sayamindu Dasgupta and we asked he our doubts, i am putting here this information.
== Migration to Pootle 2.5.0 ==

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