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in the header and replace the entities for stroke_color and fill_color, after that.
 * '''DEPRECATED, SEE BELOW:''' activity_''lang''.py: is the startup class, sets the configuration values and starts the server.
You can copy the class from another language and set the parameters. You need set the name of the class,
equal than the value in the exec value in the activity/ file.
If you create your favorite list based in a translation of the home page from other language, would be a good idea translate the home page too.
 '''DEPRECATED, SEE BELOW:''' Now, you can test your changes, starting the wikipedia server:
./activity_''lang''.py es_lat/eswiki-20111112-pages-articles.xml 8000
Now, in the directory dist, a new .xo file will be created and you can distribute it.
=== Notes on updates in the process ===
After version 38, with the intention of make more standard the process to allow package the activity
in distributions, we added a standard To use it, is needed add the wikipedia initialization
parameters to the file, as is displayed in the file
path = en_simple/simplewiki-20130724-pages-articles.xml
port = 8011
home_page = /static/index_en_simple.html
templateprefix = Template:
wpheader = From Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
wpfooter = Content available under the
<a href="/static/es-gfdl.html">GNU Free Documentation License</a>.
<br/> Wikipedia is a registered trademark of the non-profit
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.<br/><a href="/static/about_en.html">
About Wikipedia</a>
resultstitle = Search results for '%s'.
Another change important is that now is not needed create a activity_<lang>.py file,
because the activity starts and read the config from the file, the "exec" line need be:
exec = sugar-activity activity.WikipediaActivity
Then to create the .xo you can do:
./ dist_xo es_lat/eswiki-20111112-pages-articles.xml
or to create the sources tar.bz2 file:
./ dist_source es_lat/eswiki-20111112-pages-articles.xml
With this new version, testing the wiki can be done on the command line doing:
./ es_lat/eswiki-20111112-pages-articles.xml 8000
The two parameters are optional, if are not provided, the parameters in file will be used.
With this changes
== Other changes needed ==

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