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Summer of Code/2017

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;Knowledge prerequisites: HTML5/JavaScript, bootstrap, node.js, MongoDB
;How to start: Clone the [ Sugarizer repository], then install Sugarizer server using instructions [ here], finally explore the [ Sugarizer Server API] and think about way to implement dashboard features with existing API.
| valign=top width="15%" style="background:#e3e4e5;" |User Manual for Music Blocks<br>[[File:Music-Blocks.png|90px|thumb|center]]
| valign=top width="15%" | Walter Bender<br>Devin Ulibarri
| align=left valign=top |
;Brief explanation: We have a [ Guide], but we really need something a bit more polished as a user manual.
;Expected results: A website and PDF document that can be bound.
;Knowledge prerequisites: Knowledge of music theory, writing skills

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