Sugar Camp Q2 2011/Ideas

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We are also debating topics for the Camp. While who can attend will impact our choice of topic, some ideas that have been discussed include:

Topic Rationale
Python 'introspection' and GTK3 sprint "right now we're stuck on deprecated code (pygtk) that no-one wants to maintain any more"
Activity sprint Bring all of the Sugar activities to a consistent, up-to-date standard (including consideration of ^^)
Collaboration sprint Update Sugar collaboration to reflect advances made since we developed our model.
Multitouch sprint Requires GTK3 support.
Sugar PMS and SDK Easy to run, easy to change, easy to share alsroot 13:33, 7 March 2011 (EST)
Project hosting All the glue needed to let any Sugar activity post results to a website (included authentification etc.)
Your idea here ...