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Institution in charge

Educalibre's logo

Educalibre, an educational and technological community founded in late 2004 and now is in the formal process to become an official NGO (process should end in two months. Educalibre, inspired by the Open Education and the FLOSS scope and strategy, has carried out a number of initiatives related to teacher training and professional development (FLOSS math software, LMS Moodle, Wikipedia), developing OpenCourseware (EdiciónLibre) and technical applied knowledge (our wiki), installing FLOSS in school and NGOs tech-labs as well as other network solutions (LTSP), performing seminars (local MoodleMoot, Flisol) working with governmental spheres. Educalibre was a founder of the citizen campaign called "One Computer per Child". Educalibre was called by the Educational Department to carry out a OLPC pilot but was frustrated because of the amount of XOs to be bought.

Allies and partners

  • Innovacien: An innovation network of schools related to ICT local proyect deployment to forrest learning and teacher professional development in Chile. This initiative promoted by the Innovation Forum, a foundation who's mission is to forrest and accelerate innovation as way to develop Chilean's comparative advantages and opportunities in the global economy. The Innovation Forum has in it's board members, representatives of the Universidad de Chile, Pontificia Universidad Católica y la Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, as well as the Network of Chilean Private Schools.
  • Intel Chile
  • Universidad Metropolitana de las Ciencias de la Educación
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
  • Sugar Labs Colombia

Initiatives to be deployed

Sugar Pilots in schools

  • Escuela España, Punta Arenas, Chile. A pilot experience of 1:1 computing, with Sugar on a Stick (SoaS) running over Classmate 1, will be deployed at K1-4 level (to be determined) with socially vulnerable learners. 50 USB sticks will be adquired and shipped to Punta Arenas, cofinanced by Educalibre and Intel. The counterpart contact in Punta Arenas is Miguel Pardo.
  • Municipalidad de Huechuraba, Santiago.

Teacher training

  • Sugar for Teacher Professional Development. Opencourseware to be openly developed by latinamerican community support, focused on Sugar as a way to accquire key teachers ICT competences as a way for professional development.

Reach out activities

  • FLISOL 2009, the Latin American FLOSS Install Fest, is one of the FLOSS events, where a stand showed Sugar to the public.
  • X Encuentro Linux, the most important seminar related to FLOSS development and community gathering in Chile, to be held in October 2009.



Luis "Pato" Acevedo, chilean, chilean, Physical Education Teacher graduated from the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences, where has also worked as an assistant in adult-learning in Computing/Computer science in Mathematics. Also she has been assistant for the Program of Magister in Educational Administration. Enthusiastic of Logo, it has found in Squeak an adapted constructivist that fit requirements of XXI century learning. It actively participates in the diffusion of this and other software in educative lists like, the OLPC-South and SugarLabs. Its work in the diffusion of educational uses of DrGeoII in Primary Education has been recognized, working with professionals of Spain and Taiwan. Has been favored by the "Developers Program" of OLPC for the contribution in content development, advocating the XO OLPC Project at national level, through the civil campaign "One Computer per Child". It has diseminated the GUI Sugar in the Opencommunity2008 encounter, INACAP Chile and last for ICT/Enlaces. He is founder and board director NGO Educalibre. It maintains permanent contact with the Ceibal Plan of Uruguay, and NGO, through its representative for Bolivia and Chile, Yamandú Ploskonka.


Werner Westermann Juarez, chilean, History and Geography Teacher graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He works in research FONDECYT and FONDEF projects related to education and media. In 1999 enters the REUNA, the National University Network, working as a methodological and instructional designer on the project FONDEF "Alexandria: Digital Video Library Higher Education " and the IDF as" Wireless IP ". Creates in 2001 a Ciberanía Consultants where he made a series of e-learning projects for SENSE FONTEC and directs the project "Integrated electronic goods and services for primary education" . In 2004 works as a consultant for the e-learning ILPES program of UN-ECLAC. Specializes in e-Learning standards and especifications and Digital Learning Design at UNIACC. Member of the eXe International Advisory Council, a branch project of the Commonwealth of Learning. Founder and articulator of Educalibre NGO and community that promotes the integration of FOSS and educommons in education, as well as the chilean Moodle community and the civil campaign "One Computer per Child". Co-writer of the Cape Town Open Education Declaration.

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