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Welcome to the Sugar Labs DC Local Lab.


While Sugar Labs DC is in the early stages of formation, we already meet most of the "necessary conditions" as laid out on the Local Labs page:

  • A university connection as a local human resource

Sugar Labs DC will have the new Governor's Career and Technical Academy in Arlington as an educational partner. Since the GCTAA is a joint project between Arlington Public Schools and Northern Virginia Community College, possibilities will be open for vertically integrated projects involving software written by students at GCTAA being used with APS elementary and middle school students.

  • A local pilot user group from which to learn

Sugar Labs DC grew out of the OLPC Learning Club, so it is organically linked to a pilot user group.

  • A local passion or sub-goal that provides a rational for the work

Faculty and students in Arlington Public Schools have an active 10 year involvement with the Python Programming Language and Python community. The list of projects in which we have been involved include:

 * Turtle Art Site
 * Guido van Robot
 * Open Book Project
 * Graphics API for Students of Python (GASP)
 * Python Bibliotheca
 * Sugar Labs DC/Online Activity Sharing and Publishing
  • Bi-directional communication with the global Sugar community and other Sugar Labs

Sugar Labs DC will be working directly with our partner projects in Chalatenango and El Calvario, El Salvador, and we will always be looking for synergistic relationships with other communities around the globe.

  • A sustainable and well-defined entrepreneurship model

Sugar Labs DC will function as a project of the OLPC Learning Club, and with the Learning Club will seek relationships and support from the many educational, scientific, and governmental organizations located in our capitol area.

  • A program to reach out to local free-software community and local industry

Sugar Labs DC organizers are already active members of the local free-software community, and are particularly involved with the DC Ubuntu LoCo Team.

Sugar Labs DC/Software Development Projects

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