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SugarCamp++ will be Mon Oct 22 to Wed Oct 24 in San Francisco (business hours especially) immediately following OLPC SF's global community summit.

Presenting an opportunity for all to begin real hacking & implementation of the tech/learning/organizational ideas exchanged over the weekend summit

Please join & help strengthen collaborative global education! Inspired by the rapidly-approaching dream of Sugar 1.0 and the XO-4.

We strongly welcome new participants. Read up on ongoing projects, think about volunteering with Sugar Labs and OLPC, open your imagination to what open-learning-for-all might become -- and put yourself on the map :)




Please add project topics below if you will give them legs :)

  • XOrduino, Curricular Arcs, Streamlined Teacher Training
  • School Server Community Edition (hassle-free ICDL, Yes We Khan, lessons learned from Oct 19-21 demo classroom @ SFSU? etc)
  • Sugar 0.98 & 1.0 and what lies beyond (vs Windows 8 releasing Fri Oct 26 ;)
  • Hackers Without Borders, Feedback from Small/Medium-sized Deployments, NewCo, ALEARN
  • Documentation within Sugar; Video Tutorials; Books/Histories of OLPC/Sugar
  • Power Infrastructure: developing countries' schools need what??
  • Translating Butía construction instructions from Spanish to English (Christoph)
  • Sensors... build, test, create lesson ideas (STEM, SET, and SCIB), maybe video tutorials of how-to make? KISS! (Caryl)


Please add your name if you will come & contribute to the future of Sugar/OLPC or similar -- include 2 words about your preferred project:

  • Aaron Borden? OLPC SF
  • Adam Gordon, Toronto/Kenya (Oct 19-22)
  • Adam Holt, Boston (Oct 17-25)
  • Alex Kleider, SF - XS Community Edition
  • Aleksey Lim, Russia (Oct 19-24?)
  • Anish Mangal, UMichigan, former Dextrose Project Manager (Oct 17-21)
  • Anna Schoolfield, Birmingham Alabama (Oct 19-24?)
  • Bastien Guerry? Paris - XS Community Edition? (Oct 19? 21-23?)
  • Bernie Innocenti, Boston - Google, Sugar Labs founder (Oct 19-28)
  • Bert Freudenberg, Germany - Etoys (Oct 19-21)
  • Bill Stelzer, US Virgin Islands (Oct 18-27)
  • Caryl Bigenho, Los Angeles area - Teacher & Contributors Program mentor (Oct 19-24)(Robots, Sensors, XS)
  • Christoph Derndorfer, Vienna - OLPC News Editor (in SF Oct 17-25)
  • Cherry Withers? San Jose CA | Philippines
  • Christine Murakami? Ohio - Columbus School for Girls
  • Claudia Urrea? Boston | Colombia - OLPC Director of Learning (Oct 21-23)
  • Craig Perue - Jamaica Ministry of Education (Curricular Arcs, Project Mgmt, Oct 19-21)
  • CScott Ananian? Boston - XOrduino? Arduino?
  • Dafydd Harries - alum of Collabora Ltd (Oct 16-23)
  • Daniel Drake, Nicaragua (Oct 18-24)
  • David Farning, Wisconsin - Activity Central founder (Oct 19-24?)
  • David Jessup? Florida - OLPC/Liberty City Project Manager (Oct 19-22?)
  • Ed Bigenho, Los Angeles area-Volunteer "helper" (Oct 19-24)(Robots, sensors)
  • Gary Martin? Scotland
  • George Hunt, NYC - XS Community Edition (Oct 19-24)
  • Giulia D'Amico, Miami - OLPC VP of Business Development (Oct 19-21?)
  • Grant Bowman - OLPC SF
  • Janissa Balcomb - Lesotho (Oct 19-23)
  • Jennifer Martino - OLPC Canada Director (Oct 18-22)
  • Jerry Vonau? Winnipeg - OLPC Australia, XS Community Edition
  • John Watlington, Boston - OLPC VP of Hardware Engineering (Oct 20-22)
  • Jonathan Ooms, Global Literacy Foundation
  • Kevin Gordon, Toronto | Kenya (Oct 18-22)
  • Luke Faraone, DC/Boston (Oct 19? 21-22?)
  • Marina Zdobnova, LA/Russia (Oct 19-24?)
  • Mark Battley, Toronto | Kenya - Curricular Arcs (Oct 16-25)
  • Mary Lou Jepsen? Taiwan - Pixel Qi
  • Matt Keller, Connecticut | Ethiopia - OLPC Literacy Project (Oct 19-21)
  • Mitch Seaton, Philippines (eKindling) | Australia | Denmark (Oct 18-26)
  • Mike Lee, DC - Tablets, XOrduino, XO Stick, Scratch, Etoys, SugarLabs DC, OLPC Learning Club, Books in Browsers (Oct 19-23/26)
  • Nancie Severs, New Hampshire/Thailand/Vietnam - Contributors Program coordinator (Oct 17/18-22)
  • Nick Doiron? SF - Code For America (Oct 19-22)
  • Richard M.Batna, Montreal (Oct 18-23)
  • Richard Smith? Boston - power electronics, OLPC Director of Embedded Engineering
  • Rod Weis, Global Literacy Foundation
  • Ruben Rodriguez? Spain - Activity Central CTO
  • Sameer Verma - OLPC SF Chief Organizer
  • Sarah Naguib? Ohio | Egypt
  • Simon Schampijer? Berlin
  • SJ Klein? Boston - Wikipedia Board, Digital Public Library of America (Oct 20-21)
  • Tanja Kohn, Austria (in SF October 16 - 26 early morning)
  • Tim Falconer, Pennsylvania (Oct 19-22?)
  • Tony Anderson, Rwanda - Karma Learning System, XS Community Edition? (Oct 19-24)
  • Walter Bender, Boston - Sugar Labs Executive Director (Oct 21-24)
  • Yoshiki Ohshima? Los Angeles


Be sure to add your name to the "Attendees" list above, with a couple words about your interests, and also write to holt @ confirming there's still room!

Both rooms below will be free (thanks to the amazing generosity of SF State University's College of Business) with reliable Wifi included -- lunch/dinner is available for individual purchase downstairs at the large Food Court.

Note the preceding weekend's Oct 19-21 Community Summit itself (structured talks/demos/panels etc, you don't want to miss, please register now!) costs $25 to $40/person to pay for facilities rental, great community shirts, supplies etc. A price that would indeed be an order of magnitude higher if it weren't for the astonishing volunteer efforts of the community :)


In 2 modern classrooms, Oct 22-24 (Mon to Wed), 8AM to 5PM:

San Francisco State University
Rooms 667 & 668
835 Market St, 6th Floor (go downtown, NOT main campus)
San Francisco, CA 94103

Evening Excitement

Nearby pubs will be well-used too! (And restaurants, and large food court below SFSU/downtown)

The mailing list for registered summit attendees can also help coordinate ad hoc/spontaneous in-city get-togethers etc!

Relevant SF Communities


San Francisco is not cheap, but great hostels are available if you book them early. Please write to the public mailing list for tips, so you can get to know & stay nearby others:

The mailing list for registered summit attendees can also help coordinate ad hoc/spontaneous in-city get-togethers etc!

Ride Board

Drivers and Passengers: Post your ride information here.

  • Driver: Janissa Balcomb, traveling from Wayan, Idaho. Room for 1 passenger comfortably, 2 if one has short legs. Leaving Idaho Thu Oct 18, Returning ?Wed (or Thu) Oct 24 (or 25). Main route will be via I-80 thru Elko, Reno & Sacramento. Will probably camp overnight partway.


Most welcome (register & click Edit above!) & also here:

Please also join the olpc-sf public mailing list if you'd like to volunteer making this event an important if not historic contribution to global collaborative learning, thanks! You may also write privately to Adam Holt if you prefer: holt @