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User quota

The /srv filesystem on Machine/sunjammer has usrquota enabled with the following per-user limits:

              soft    hard
 /srv space:   10G     12G
 /srv files:    1M    1.2M

When users attempt to write beyond their hard-limit, the system call fails with a "Quota exceeded" error.

If the soft-limit is exceeded, a cronjob sends a daily notification email to the user and to systems-logs@. This continues for a grace period of 7 days. Aftet the grace period, offending users will be barred from allocating any additional space until they free up some space.

Requesting limit exensions

Additional space can be requested to the sysadmins, along with a motivation. For best service, follow the canonical BOFH space extension script:

  • Q: I need more space
  • A: Well, why not move to Texas?
  • Q: No, on my account, stupid.
  • A: I didn't quite catch that. What was it that you said?
  • Q: Um, I said what I wanted was more space on my account, *please*
  • A: Sure, hang on. < clickety...clickety... rm -r /home/$USER > There, you've got *plenty* of space now!

(from BOFH, Part 3)

Additional info for sysadmins

Essential documentation

man edquota
man setquota

Show quota summary for all users

repquota -vast

Create quota from scratch

quotacheck -m -c /home
quotacheck -m -c /mail
quotaon -au

Reset quota limits for all users

cd /home
for i in *; do
       # 25G  30G 1M 1.2M
       setquota -u $i 26214400 31457280 1024000 1200000 /home
       #  1G 1.2G 1M 1.2M
       setquota -u $i 10485760 12582912 1024000 1200000 /mail

Check quota limits in cron.daily

See `/etc/warnquota.conf` and `/etc/quotatab`

warnquota -u -s

Crash recovery

In case of crash, theoretically one should run quotacheck to scan the entire filesystem, recomputing the exact quota status of all users. In practice, nothing bad happens if the values are off by a few megabytes, so quotacheck is mostly just a waste of time.