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This is our development and community shell server, also running a number of first-tier web services.


The following services are hosted on sunjammer:

Sysadmin procedures

The following sysamin procedures apply to sunjammer:

See Infrastructure_Team/Resources for the complete list of our sysadmin procedures.

See /root/memo on sunjammer for local sysadmin procedures that have not yet been converted to wiki pages.


Sunjammer is a XEN domU running on [].

The dom0 is hosted by the Free Software Foundation at the Global NAPs collocation facility.


Network configuration

  • 1 Gbit global IPv4 through FSF's BGP router
  • 1 Gbit global IPv6 (6to4)
  • 1GbE crosslink to Machine/treehouse


Live incremental backup of all filesystems pulled daily by Machine/housetree over the crosslink gigabit ethernet with rsync.

The latest backup can be retrieved from these locations:


We keep 7 days of history in .backup/[1-7]/ using hardlinks.

We also perform a daily system-remote-backup to Machine/backup, encrypted with GPG key of User:bernie.


Admins with root access:

Admins with physical access:

  • FSF Sysadmin RT <sysadmin at>