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Sunjammer (aka

To carry on these procedures, you need root access on Machine/sunjammer.

NOTE: You have to become root with 'sudo -i' before using the following commands. Prefixing the command with sudo won't work because it doesn't switch $HOME to /root, which is necessary to make the ldap commands source /root/.ldaprc.

Account creation

See Sysadmin/Add shell account.

Editing users and groups

  • Run "ldapvi"
  • Edit with your favourite $EDITOR, save and exit
  • Type "y" to accept changes.


The users are supposed to update their password by going to

Password logins are not permitted on any of our machines. The password is used by other authentication protocols: HTTP, IMAP, SMTP...

We currently don't have single-sign-on on most of our web applications, but users can use our OpenID provider (

Removing shell accounts


system-userdel <user>

Manipulating groups

To add groups:


To remove groups, there's no script. Simply use "ldapvi" with no arguments.

Password reset

When users have forgotten their password, you can hack the password information manually with ldapvi. Alternatively, go to the password web form and type sunjammer's root password where of the user's old password would normally go.

If the user knows how to use GPG, send them the new password encrypted. In any case, ask them to change their password immediately.'

Accounts on other hosts

NOTE: accounts on Machine/lightwave, Machine/jita and other high-security machines shouldn't be given out lightly.

Account creation

With remote-useradd, you can automate account creation and provisioning on any Sugar Labs host. Log into sunjammer, become root and type:

 remote-useradd <remote host> <username> [<group>...]

Of course, you'll need sudo access on the remote host. There's no need to invoke remote-auth afterwards.

Account removal

 remote-userdel <remote host> <username>

Installing user keys to the remote host

 remote-auth <remote host> <username> [<remote user>]

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