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  • Testing Suggestions:(satellit) revised 07/30/2010
1- Bootable USB
 a- liveusb-to-disk script
 b- liveusb-creator Windows/Linux/Mac
 c- unetbootin
 d- dd=?
2- Can be Installed yes/no
 a- liveinst (Anaconda)
 b- zyx-liveinstaller (have to yum install)
 c- Virtualbox
3- Burned CD  works? yes/no
4- Test against Activities
 a. Installed
 b.Report Activity Tests Here:: [1]
5- Collaboration worked between: Note which activities, and Sugar Versions (a-f)
 a- XO--1
 b- XO-1.5
 c- 0.84
 d- 0.86
 e- 0.88   
 f- 0.89-0.90
6- Wireless works? yes/no
 - Models of XO/Netbook/PC/Mac
 - wireless drivers employed (if known)