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Notes from the 0.88 triage effort

We began by looking at all of the open tickets for 0.88. We allocated them in groups of 20 to the people who showed up for the Triage Day session in #sugar-meeting. There was some confusion about goals, but we agreed to the narrow goal of just making sure the tickets were well specified as per the instructions in the guide and to move "enhancements" to 0.90 unless there was some compelling reason to keep the ticket open for 0.88 (e.g., a pressing need and a champion to do the work). It was helpful that the Release Team was well represented as we had numerous questions along the way.

Next time, it may make sense to process the enhancements first, so as to get the queue down to a manageable size more quickly. (It is easy to get overwhelmed by so many tickets. Also, since Fructose and Honey are not part of the 0.88 release process, we should probably have restricted ourselves to Sucrose components only. (Is there an easy way to do this in Trac?)

The team in .py is looking at the open tickets for 0.86 and next, we can try to tackle the open tickets that have no milestone specified.

Some 'enhancements' were left in the 0.88 queue after discussion. It would be helpful to make a note in the ticket as to why it was kept in the 0.88 queue.

I finished looking at all of the open 'enhancement' tickets and set the milestone to 0.90 when relevant. Changed a few to bugs, requested some code reviews, etc. What seems a bit of a waste of effort were those tickets where I didn't have any action to take. Lots of interesting enhancements proposed and no where to share them...

--Walter 15:45, 3 March 2010 (UTC)