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On decision panels and procedures

This seems to be the first SL decision panel, so we don't get to rely on precedent. I had to reread Sugar Labs/Governance#Decision Panels.

We are expected to solicit community input, discuss (in private if necessary), reach a conclusion internally, and produce a report documenting it. Anyone may submit advice to the panel. It was recommended after the meeting that we reach a conclusion in two weeks.

Do we need any new communications tools or lists for this? Here is my proposal:

  1. we carry out a discussion directly on the sugar list, with a subject tag such as '[SOAS DP]'
  2. 1-2 people volunteer to moderate the public discussion, asking people to chime in (or take side-discussions to separate threads) as needed.
  3. we gather people's ideas, needs, and suggestions (including Bemasc's list of 5 conclusions), and record progress reaching conclusions about the four points above, on the SL wiki
  4. 1-2 people volunteer to edit these conclusions into a thorough report, also on that wiki
  5. we approve the final report (hopefully by consensus) and submit it to the SLOB

Please comment, revise, or suggest better ways to work! +sj + 22:35, 26 September 2009 (UTC)