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Advancing the Journal

I don't know that I can join the meeting, but I would love to add to this discussion the much maligned idea of launching the most recent instance in the Journal of an Activity from the Home View. I remain adamant that this will go a long ways towards the goals of students being reflective and revising their work. There are still too many steps involved with resuming from the Journal. --Walter 21:11, 15 September 2008 (UTC)

Design Tickets

Outstanding topics raised for discussion

  • Neighborhood: Differentiate between devices (Access Points, GSM/3G modems, wired ethernet) and configured NetworkManager connections so we can support advanced set-ups like hidden SSID and separate networks with the same name (default router configuration)
  • Writing to Journal anytime
  • Take a screenshot, additional options: capture all, capture only the canvas (without toolbar), make a selection what to capture, capture in a few seconds, GNOME options
  • Notification icon high contrast improvements (garycmartin)
  • Invocation widget for new details view dialogue placement/design (replace/repurpose Keep widget? Browse 'show in journal' alert to use new dialogue?)
  • Activity startup in the Home View: Introduce new concept to distinguish between 'start new' vs 'resume' (erikos)
  • Control Panel rework (erikos)
  • School server icon in Neighbourhood (part of Thread "Reflect internet connectivity in the 'Network' frame icon" (esp. a set of design questions), mention of school server icon during the last meeting)
  • Indicating "internet connectivity"
  • Frame: Expand hot corner on the upper left to be the entire grid cell (big enough for finger) (walterbender)
    • To accommodate the unintentional frame activation that continues to plague Learners, so much so that Dextrose defaults to inactive corners and edges, add a Touch corner section to the control panel for the Frame that includes the selection of upper left or upper right (an accessibility feature, lower corners will interfere with scroll bars) and a dimension slider (pixels) 0 to grid width. (FGrose)
  • Use a Sugar themed hand for the touchpad icon. #2950
  • Home View toolbar -> Framebar (FGrose)
  • Give priority to last installed activity by date installed and not version number ie:browse-120 installed from sugar Control panel update should not block browse-119.xo installed later Activities_are_located_in_2_places deleting browse=119.xo reverts to older browse-120 from update. (Sometimes the latest update does not work)(satellit)?

Some further information on the above topics is included in mails from Simon and Walter

  • Journal backup UIs (silbe)
    • Backup/Restore via Activities (needs design input)
    • Backup/Restore directly from Journal (currently implemented in Dextrose, is it appropriate to upstream?)
  • virtual keyboard support (silbe)
  • Uruguays accessibility support patch series (silbe)
  • tablet support (silbe)
  • How to handle start-up delay due to data store migration (#1546)? (silbe)
  • invalid/unknown colors are shown as owner colors (#1750)
  • Drop down menus give no indication of their existence, also are too slow to load (#1169, Patch from Michael Stone)