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Restricting Xephyr connections

Most X11 servers are configured to disable TCP connections. This means that in order to get a working X connection we can:

  1. bind-mount the X unix socket into the chroot.
  2. ssh into the chroot with X11-forwarding enabled.
  3. Enable TCP on an X server, e.g. a nested Xephyr.

In the main walk-through, we chose to use an open Xephyr like so:

Xephyr -ac :1

However, we might instead try:

# outside chroot
DISP=:1  # adjust to suit your configuration
echo "add $DISP . $COOKIE" | xauth -f "$AUTH"
echo "add these commands to clients:"
echo "export DISPLAY=\"localhost$DISP\""
echo "export XAUTHORITY=\"$AUTH\""
Xephyr -auth "$AUTH" -reset -terminate "$DISP" && rm "$AUTH"

And, inside the chroot, set the DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY variables as directed by the setup script and copy the "$AUTH" file from outside the chroot into the chroot to the path assigned to "$XAUTHORITY".

as_person script, when PAM is misconfigured

cat > as_person <<EOF
#!/usr/bin/env python
from os import environ, chdir, setgroups, setgid, setuid, execve
from sys import argv
from pwd import getpwnam
user = getpwnam(argv[1])
environ['HOME'] = user.pw_dir
environ['USER'] = user.pw_name
execve(argv[2], argv[2:], environ)
chmod a+x as_person
./as_person sugar /usr/bin/sugar

Using xz utils

this step must be reformed,

curl$NV.tar.xz | tar Zxf $NV.tar.xz

because tar doesn't suggest it (for now)

this is at least in debian/ubuntu