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Integration of Features From Different Activities

  • What's the best way to integrate the desired features from each of these Activities? Attempt to splice some code or start from scratch? Mike DeVine
  • If we're not starting from scratch, which Activitie(s) will be the ones chosen to receive the code "updates"? In other words, which Activity is farthest along already and is most malleable in terms of adding features? Mike DeVine

File Hosting

  • Which file format, if we decide to use only one, should the e-books be? Mike DeVine
  • Which format has the best metadata support? Mike DeVine
  • What's the usability look like for this side? Would it make sense to look into implementing a simple GUI, or does what's there already do the job well enough? Mike DeVine

Integration with existing resources

  • What's the likelihood of linking to existing online e-book archives? Can this be done seamlessly, or does there need to be a separate method of accessing these archives? Mike DeVine
    • This is a big deal, IMO. Grabbing books from anywhere (Gutenberg, Google) and having it be transparent to the user is a "holy grail" we should shoot for. As I understand it, there's two parts to this puzzle: retrieving the content from different places, which are bound to have different interfaces, and then loading and/or converting whatever format it's kept in. Cheezmeister 18:46, 22 January 2010 (UTC)
    • Agreed. What needs to be done is to find out the database structure for each of these repositories, then just make sure the program which accesses them can translate each database into its frontend, so that we end up with a seamless portal on the user end for accessing different sources of e-books. Mike DeVine