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Merge with Activities

Why is this main page not integrated with Activities? Technical details and tips on usage can be placed in latter sections of the page, in linked subpages, or perhaps can be worked into a separate article. Please don't create a separate wiki in or under Sugar Creation Kit. --FGrose 21:18, 9 June 2012 (EDT)

Activity name by activity number

Can this listing be machine generated from the source? In what scenario is this information used? --FGrose 21:52, 9 June 2012 (EDT)

as of 08/07/2011

Browse; Typing Turtle; Turtle Blocks; Read; IRC; Etoys; Wireless Graph; Image Viewer; Moon; Read ETexts; Cartoon Builder; Speak; View Slides; Finance; Pippy; Info Slicer; Terminal; Flip Sticks; Jukebox; Jigsaw Puzzle; Slider Puzzle; Surf; Colors; XO Help; Free Cell; Bounce; Log; Ajedrez; Develop; TamTam Edit; TamTam Jam; TamTam Mini; TamTam Synth Lab; Memorize; Joke Machine; Chat; Maze; Frotz; Story Builder; Poll; NatureImages; Calculate; Newbery; Labyrinth; Bundle; Software to work with scales and chords on musical instruments.; Record; Paint; PlayGo; SocialCalcActivity; xoEditor; Implode; APRS-XO; Tux Paint; Library; Clock; Ruler; Physics; Get Internet Archive Books; Helpfr; ShowNTell; Measure; Quiz; Conozco Uruguay; Analyze; Write; MapStats; Update; Arithmetic; Watch Me; FoodForce2; BlockHead; DataManager; Hop-A-Round; Smile; Map; Domino; falabracman; USB Creator; Card Sort; Doom; Food Force II; Deducto; ColorDeducto; Sliderule; Kaleidoscope; EatBoom; Our Music; Our Music MC; Battle for Wesnoth; ListenSpell2; Micropolis; Bridge; BlockParty; Listen and Spell; Break Out; StackAttack; OOo4Kids; Scribble; Pakman; Pong; Test using Domino; Visual Match; ninja fable; Scratch; Erikos; Guido Van Robot; FotoToon; Kandid; do not download; Lines; Snow; Bounce; XOlympics; Karma; Gmail; Mozzila Firefox; StopWatch; Distance; Escribir Especial; FileShare; Geoquiz; Chees; Leer Pendrive; TimeLapse; Tuxmath; Mathematical Adventure: Fortune Hunter; Fortune Maker; ShowJPEG; GeoGebra; Java; Club de Othello XO; Plot; Quinteti; Jam2Jam; Jam2Jam; Sugar Commander; TetrisMat; Abacus; Clics Player (Sugar-Clic); Wine; Turtle Art; XaoS; StarChart; Sonata Media Player; MathGraph32; Get Books; Open Video Chat; CeibalTV; Sun-Moon Music; Sun-Moon Music MC; FreeFromMalaria; VncLauncher; IRC; GCompris; GCompris Administration; Words; Knowing Numbers; GTranslator; ConstellationsFlashCards; Pukllanapac; Lemonade; Produce Puzzle; Dr. Geo; Conozco Alimentos; RiverHex; Backup; Restore; Pocket LRAD; FileMix; flash games; Spirolaterals; Help Arabic; Numbers; EduKT; Midi Player; Read SD Comics; Turtle Machine; Bubble Pop; Wordsearch; Edit; DevTutor; Follow Me; JAMedia; GeoJAM; JAMesene; Calendar; Conozco Nicaragua; Idle; Mirage I.V.; JAMtank; CeibalRadio; Tessellations; Opera; FollowMe Butia; NES; Boxes; Conozco Actividades; gcdActivity; OggConvert; Radio; SugarizeHelp_Es; XoPhoto; PyDebug; Eleusis; Escape from Labyrinth; Jam Game Boy Advance; Rectangles; GoGo; PJ; PJ Lite; Insectos.activity; Castle; Trails; Blocku; HacketyHack; Wikipedia; FileMixAuto; Sudoku; Math Quwy; Cave Story; Juani Downloader; Paths; MotionCapture; WikipediaEN; test_2; Jumble; Appel Haken; Blender; MathMe; Hello World; AguBrowser; Mancala; Ominoes; hMouse; Shapes; DrPython; Nutri; Napier's Bones; Learn; JAMexplorer; Bingo; TurtleArt Butia; JAMActivityFlash; Gnumeric; Portfolio; OOo4KidsEs; OOo4KidsFr; Madagascar; Conozco Elementos Químicos; Sort Game; Mapa Ceibal; Mateton; Screencast; Mini vMac; Turtle Confusion; PMJ; TeachTeacher; Butialo; Totem; Image Processor; Sokoban; Triples; Minecraft; IQ; I know America; About Me; GemJeweld; Star Pusher; Soma; Conozco Paraguay; Pursuit;