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Comment from an outsider

Sugar on a Stick seems to have come a long way since thorough wiki updates were made. Thanks to the hard work of all on this project, Sugar on a Stick can now be built by a novice like me. Thank you all for making it available. The many pages in this project make it difficult for a newcomer to get the right information. I would like to volunteer to help archive some of the older pages.--Inkyfingers 07:03, 2 December 2011 (EST)

That would be great as far as I am concerned. Satellit 4:14 (PST) 2 December 2011

It is a wiki!
Some pages are used in Sugar_Creation_Kit for other purposes so be careful
also FGrose has done a lot of work on SoaS - Also check with him as some pages are his


Restructuring would be a good idea. Please note that Sugar Labs is a 'Learning project' and that we learn from our collective mistakes, so extra thought needs to go into archiving them for later learning. The page history is usually a good mechanism, and learning from it is made more discoverable if changes are made in significant blocks and such edits have a brief reason for change message. This can be accomplished by working first in a 'test/development' page, such as User:Inkyfingers/Getting_Started(0), and once the editors are satisfied, copying the new version to the current version of the target page. In other cases, where a new page name/title is desired, once the new content is ready, moving the old page title to the new title, and then pasting the new content over the old, is best for preserving the full history of that page concept. In still other cases, obsolete themes and content can be moved to the background in explicit 'Obsolete' or 'Archive' subpages, e.g., Activity Team/Obsolete, Archive/Current Events

The Sugar on a Stick/Archive page could be put to better use in the proposed restructuring.

Please note that the Sugar on a Stick is our most visited page, so please prepare your changes in the proposed test-bed and use the 'Under construction' tag when there are short-term unfinished changes to the page. Improvements to the page might actually make it 'Popular' in addition to most visited. --FGrose 13:40, 2 December 2011 (EST)

content from a brainstorm

on april 25, 2010 by Sebastian Dziallas and Mel Chua, to be revisited later.

link to openhatch here?

  • what kind of contributors are we looking for (I know, "all types," but specifically what sort of talent is needed to do what kind of tasks right now, just for the development of v.4?)
  • bug triagers for support
  • package maintainers
  • testers
  • deployers
  • more here
  • for each contributor type:
    • what background do they need to have / skills they should acquire?
  • bug triagers: familiarity with the sugar environment, being able to differentiate between components (to assign a ticket to the appropriate component), know how to get access to logs (makes debugging easier)
  • packagers: read rpm creation guide, have a look at a sample activity (class Mel and Sebastian taught - logs), get Fedora account, become a packager
  • testers: not much, everyone can test! also hint to nightly builds (need test cases!)
  • deployers: not in our target group here? otherwise: are you a teacher? start *your* deployment and contribute to make SoaS even more awesome, we also help with remixes and stuff to fit your needs
  • pedagogical designers: teachers, parents, and others in education, coming up with curricular materials for using Sugar Activities in the classroom, and designs/modifications for Activities to better fit pedagogical goals
    • what tasks need to be completed? why are they important, how do they fit into the bigger picture?
  • bug triagers: make sure that our users aren't left high and dry. we need to be able to track issues and to react to them, interact directly both with users and developers to make sure stuff is properly assigned
  • packagers: must be able to react immediately to new releases, package them and push updates as needed, has a high responsability, has to interact with testers
  • testers: *test* and file tickets on issues you encounter, add logs (link to Mel's guide)
  • deployment: we need information from the field - deployments are what we're doing this for, so get started and become a part of it!
    • how do they get started? what interface do we want to have with them (forum, chat, etc?) how do they get to those? what sort of timescale are they looking at? (weekly meetings? how quickly can they expect feedback?) on a Stick (<--- wooooo :) -- let's get something like ? (<---somebody who wants to help!!!)