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Question re: ratings

The choices we have don't cover all situations:

  • I don't use this or I don't know
  • Breaks System
  • Doesn't Work
  • Requires 3rd Party Drivers
  • Works, but required additional configuration
  • Worked out of the box

What about works, except for... ? --Walter 15:21, 28 April 2009 (UTC)

Cannot use same USB Soas Stick for multiple machines?

It appears that the ser#? of the USB stick is part of the smolt profile;

If you use it on a second machine

it does not appear to work.....

How should one submit a profile if the network doesn't work?

Miscellaneous comments

EeePC900 works great wireless supported on Apple Airport Extreme WPA 128 (Alpha USB and SD 2Gb);

hp e-pc 1.2 Celeron boots from CD Soas2 only. Wireless not tried, audio not tried;

Dell 530n works great Wireless not tried, audio not tested USB and CD

Satellit, April 2009