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One of the purposes of the Sugar Labs® Project is to make learning software available in consistent format that the public can come to trust. To achieve this purpose it is important that the technology can quickly be identified and that the recipient knows the technology they are receiving is the official and unmodified version.

Current usages

For a list of groups who have received permission to use the Sugar Labs trademark, along with copies of their original usage requests, see Trademark permissions granted.

Domain names

In the past, community members have inquired whether it is permissible to use the Sugar Labs Marks, including the word "Sugar Labs," in an Internet domain name.

Sugar Labs uses subdomains of so that local community sites can form without cost or excessive effort to that community. Details about the process and benefits of a subdomain are located on the Local community domains wiki page.

For any other use of the Sugar Labs Marks in a domain name, please contact the oversight board.

Trademark Usage Guidelines

Guideline Acceptable-use examples Unacceptable-use examples
When using the Sugar Labs Marks you must provide the proper trademark symbols and a trademark attribution statement. Use Sugar Labs® for the first instance of the trademark, and include the statement "Sugar Labs is a trademark of Sugar Labs, Inc." Never using the ® mark for Sugar Labs, nor a trademark statement per the guidelines.
Always distinguish trademarks from surrounding text with at least initial capital letters or in all capital letters. Sugar Labs, SUGAR LABS sugar labs, yoursugarlabs
Always use proper trademark form and spelling. Sugar Labs SuGaR Labs, Suhgah Labs, sugarlabs
Never use "a" or "the" to refer to an instance of the trademark. Always use a trademark as an adjective modifying a noun, or as a singular noun. This is a Sugar Labs system.
Anyone can install Sugar Labs software.
I put a Sugar Labs on my mom's computer. I have seventeen Sugar on a Sticks running in my lab.
Never use a trademark as a verb. Trademarks are products or services, never actions. Install Sugar Labs on your computer. Sugarize your system today!
Never use a trademark as a possessive. Instead, the following noun should be used in possessive form or the sentence reworded so there is no possessive. The desktop of the Sugar Labs interface is very clean. Sugar Labs' desktop interface is very clean.
Take care in translating a trademark into another language. Quiero instalar Azúcar 0.86 en mi sistema. La página principal de la fundación de Sugar Labs es La página principal de la fundación de los laboratorios de azúcar es
Never use trademarks to coin new words or names. N/A Sugar Labs Fashion for geeks
Never alter a trademark in any way including through unapproved fonts or visual identifiers (although we are happy to discuss your ideas). Proper use of the Sugar Labs logo Putting a sugar cube on top of the trademark
Never use or register any trademarks that are confusingly similar to, or a play on, the words Sugar Labs. N/A Sugah Project
Never combine your company name with the Sugar Labs name or use the Sugar Labs name in a way that it could be perceived that the Sugar Labs Project and your company have an organizational link such as a joint venture. AcmeEdu uses Sugar Labs software on all its servers. Bix Max systems are a partnership of Sugar Labs and AcmeEdu.
Never use the Sugar Labs Marks in a manner that infringes Sugar Labs, Inc. trademark rights or violates any federal, state, or international law. N/A Applying Sugar Labs logo outside permitted uses
Never use terminology that states or implies that the Sugar Labs Project assumes any responsibility for the performance of your products and services. AcmeEdu uses Sugar Labs software on all its school computers. Sugar Labs runs AcmeEdu's school computers.
Never abbreviate or use any Sugar Labs Marks as an acronym. N/A SugarBar, (Sugar user groups are really beneficial and resourceful)
The Sugar Labs logo must be hyperlinked to (, in contexts where such a hyperlink is technically feasible. Hyperlinking the logo where feasible Not hyperlinking the logo where feasible

Logo Usage Guidelines

For more information about the requirements for logo size, appearance, placement, and other considerations, refer to the Logo/Usage Guidelines for the Sugar Labs mark and the Secondary Trademark Usage Guidelines for the Secondary Mark.