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Name Aleksey Lim
Age 33
Residence Russia
Education University college, USSR, 1994-1999, software developer
Career 1999-2008, C/C++ developer for various commercial companies
2008-2010, the first experience of being a FOSS contributor, full time Sugar Labs volunteer
2010-now, paid by Activity Central to help new sugar developers and support sugar projects
Sugar duties Official and custom sugar packages for ALT Linux, Mandriva, openSUSE, Ubuntu
Contributing to core projects
Maintaining sugar projects: sugar-datastore, tuxpaint, speak, flipsticks, cartoon-builder, gcompris, tamtam, gst-plugins-espeak
Activity Library developer and admin

The reasons to be elected

  • Take part in Sugar Architecture implementation.
  • In the [current] situation when development process scattered between several sugar providers and there is no compact team of doers who work closely on [even, not to mention sugar strategy] sugar development. Such close team can be organized only around educators (Core Team), i.e., around original Sugar purposes. The rest of Sugar infrastructure should be restructured to make it more flexible, responsive, and centered around the Core Team.