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Brian Long

About Me

Hello, I am Brian Long, a 4th year Information Technology (I.T.) , major at the Rochester Institute of Technology[1]. I have pretty big interest in all things OLPC. At RIT, I have taken classes in Java, Database Applications / Administration, PHP, SQL (PL/SQL, T SQL).

I'm very interested in learning more about the XO laptop, as well as Open Source education and Open Curriculum. Currently working with the [Math4Team at RIT] to develop Math software for the XO.

The following are my accounts:

At the wiki here:

At the wiki here:

On with the handle bbl5660

Topics I am interested in

  • 4N4
  • 4N5
  • 4N6


<Placeholder> (Beginning to write) Alright, so clearly VirtualBox is the best way to an emulation environment up and running quickly. It's time that I start publishing everything I've researched and start spreading the word to the community.

Points that need to be kept under consideration throughout spreading the word is that "the community" is dispersed! This might have something to do with the fact that school's been out, and also the fact that this is truly a global effort. We've people at the sugar labs wiki, the wiki and our FourthGradeMath mailing list.

I'm also going to try and get close to some key people w/ Sugar (SoaS team?), OLPC, and maybe even VirtualBox.

Now is crunch time, this little project of mine needs to be delivered SOON!

I've got VirtualBox running! Time to start pushing (or pulling?) code to it! I'll probably end up working with / updating this page:

and this page:

and this one:

Contact Info

  • Email me at bbl5660 /-\T RIT(dot) EDU