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I started creating the sugar-toolkit-gtk3's documentation using Sphinx. It would be great to do some work on this because I think it's really necessary to have a kind of documentation for this. At the moment there are many errors on the doc generation that should be fixed to get a good polished work.

Commands to get the documentation ready

  • Install Sphinx
sudo yum install python-sphinx
  • Download the source code
 git clone
  • Create the symbolic links of imports required
 cd humitoss-sugar-toolkit-gtk3
 mkdir docs
 ln -s ~/sugar-jhbuild/install/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sugar3 .
 ln -s ~/sugar-jhbuild/install/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sugar .
  • Run the command that creates the sources
sphinx-apidoc --doc-author="Manuel Kaufmann" --full --doc-version="0.96" \
              --doc-release="0.96" --doc-project="Sugar Toolkit Gtk3" \
              --output-dir="source" ../src/sugar3
  • Generate the documentation
make html
  • Copy to the server
scp -r build/html/*

OnLine Documentation

There is a web page for testing this commands and to know how it will looks and feels