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About me
Hello ! I am Abhishek Kaushik. I am a undergraduate at National Institute of Technology,Trichy.
Contact me
IRC Nick: Abhishek
Channel: #sugar
My work
My Github Handle
My Website
My simple hacks for sugarlabs
Sugarlab Hack
Demos of sugarlabs Hack:
1.Turtle 8 hard puzzle Grid based puzzle for kids, Solvable & Unsolvable based on if no. of inversions are even or odd respectively.
2.Turtle HexAnimation Based on superhexagon concept, basically to concentrate minds on center and check recks. I have to do Music integration,that part is left.
3.SugarPolygon Open a self intersecting polygon in minimum no of drags. Just a drag-drop prototype now.I have to think of an efficient algorithm for this.
4.Sugar Spike Game Made to check probabilistic collision with spikes, basically to add this feature in Ratchet Mechanism under PhysicsJS.
5.Clock Stimulation Finding Angle between Clock Hands. A tool for Kids to experiment real angle measurement in clock.
6.Hash Table Stimulation Finding elements that occur once in Array. A Stimulation for Kids To visualize HashTable.
7.Focus on Colors A game which lets kids concentrate & focus on balls properly.
My Plans/Activities
I am hardcore sugarlabs lover. I am totally in love with the kind of work sugarlabs doing. I want to change education system in my country,especially primary education. Sugar labs is a wonderful platform for me.I want sl community in my country all around.
1.Will write PhysicsJS & DimensionJS during gsoc15 for sugar.
2.Will write two web activites(One Picture Puzzle & Other Concentration Game)before gsoc start.
3.Working on proxy plugin for sugar build with tch.

My hack for PhysicsJS:Initial Playground
Demo:PhysicsJS Hack

My Sugar Reads
Physics Activity Dimensions Activity Turtle Art Sensors Mailing List on Narkive Walter Repo Sugar Doc

JS Plugin Hack
Js Plugin Code
Pull Requests
Palette bug fixed and missing modules added.