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  • Must be content (not an Activity, not a software program... examples of content include books, movies, music, audiobooks, picture/image collections)
  • Must be for children (ages 3-12)
  • Must be licensed CC-BY or CC-BY-SA (can't have the NC clause) or under one of the "Good Content Licenses" from this list:
  • Must be something you, as a Sugar Labs member, would be proud to present as an example of open content at an international conference with lots of press (because that's what will happen next Tuesday)


  • At least 3 fiction books
  • At least 3 nonfiction books
  • At least 3 different languages represented in the collection

Posting format

* [http://link-to-download Title of book/song/material/content] (language) Author, license

Content we've found so far