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About Me/Us

Hi, my name is Mike Major. I am an Electrical Engineer by education. I graduated from New Mexico State University in 1995. I am a Senior engineer at a major automotive parts manufacturer in the Southeast.

I am new to Python but not new to programming. Some of the languages I've used in the past are C, C++, VBA, ASP, SQL and HTML.

I have been using Linux seriously for about 3 years at home. I really appreciate the work the open-source community is doing. It is truly amazing the accomplishments made by people who have other jobs. I have benefited greatly by using it and learning from it. I have been looking for a project to let me give back to the community. I think the Math4 team/project is a good place to start.

I am assisted by my parents. They are in charge of content creation. My step-father Lynn is an artist (poet, writer, painter, sculpter, etc.). One of his goals has been to impact the lives of children with his work. This project is an outlet for that creativity. My monther Linda is serving as liaison between programming and content. She will help with content creation and planning.

Useful Links

I am going to gather some useful links here for my own use.