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I'm Sam. You are probably looking for my githubː

Contact be via email via sam AT sam DOT today

Platform 2015

TL;DRː Human, coherent design let's Sugar users do things better - we must keep this as an advantage. Leveraging our openness as a community and getting people talking will make Sugar into a platform that people love. Sugar must introduce new people and get there perspectives to grow.

Visionary Designː Sugar is a platform with emphasis on coherent design. Sugar's design flows through the whole system - with the Journal as an intergrated hub for documents, the Neigbourhood view as an intergrated hub for interacting with the people around me. I think that Sugar's intergrated design provides an advantage for users - we have one clean and simple way of doing things. I believe that our goal should be to further realise our design so that we have a system that users love. I've worked on internal things (eg. recently working on fixing the collab stack) that help realise these designs.

Talking to Peopleː I believe that the success of Sugar as a free software project relies upon us taking advantage of the fundamental benefit of free software - the openness within the community. Sugar will see success as we reach out to users, as we engage every teacher and distributor. Through platforms like social help, we're begining to see more people open a conversation about sugar, which can only lead to us being able to improve Sugar in response. I've also recently conducted a survey which has also showed fundamental things that can be tweaked to improve Sugar.

Growthː Sugar is a coherent yet powerful (runs traditional Linux apps too) platform, holding advantages over limited platforms like ChromeOS or Android. Through a less intimidating setup process (eg. easy Sugar stick creator), Sugar can attract new users. When new users engage with the community, they bring new perspectives and let us critically evaluate what we've made. When we work with "outsiders", we make something even better.