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Kia ora, kei te pēhea koe? (Hi, how are you?)

My name's Tim McNamara and am based in Wellington, New Zealand. My website is

I'm a volunteer as part of the WellyNZTesters. I find Sugar to be a wonderful tool and look forward to seeing millions of children benefiting from everyone's hard work!

Some ways to contact me:


Postscript: About WellyNZTesters

We are a volunteer group that meets weekly. It started in the middle of 2008 and are still going strong. We are spreading out across the country, with a group in Auckland and Christchurch.

(Yes, you should come along if you can make it)

Volunteer Interview - What makes Tim Click?

When did you start being an OLPC volunteer? July 2009

How did you start being an OLPC volunteer? I had heard about OLPC as the “$100 laptop project” in 2007. I heard you could only get them overseas. Later on I took the open source plunge and installed Ubuntu, then this other software project I was involved with were experimenting with the OLPC computer. That made me search the web and I found the Wellington testing group page on the internet. I thought I would contact them and see where it goes. For the first two weeks I learned about how the machine worked. I was lucky enough to be given an XO to take home. I was hooked.

What is the other software project you are involved in? Sahana (relief in Sinhalese), a project aimed at enhancing coordination in emergencies, particularly in developing countries and locations with weak networks and computer power. There are some nice synergies between the aims of the two projects. I thought I would learn about how OLPC computers have been overcoming the same issues of connectivity and power in developing countries.

What are your plans from here? I really want to help bring Sugar into New Zealand schools. I don’t think it is fair that students need to be impaired because their school couldn't afford the latest software and I feel that the Sugar project could bridge that gap.

Is there something else you want to add? I would really encourage people to learn more about Sugar, and Sugar on a Stick. I would like the website to become the go to place for New Zealanders wanting to extend the education opportunities available for their children.

Because Sugar runs on almost all computers that are in use today - I would like to see it being promoted to let children whose families cannot afford the latest gadgets. Sugar could easily rejuvenate a 2nd hand computer. This sounds much more sensible than throwing it out.

Thanks to Tim McNamara for participating in this interview. You can find out more about Tim and his contact details: