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William Schaub

I am a UNIX consultant operating out of Hornell, NY. My main reason for being involved with the XO-1 and the OLPC users group in Rochester is exploring new ways of using open source software and mobile devices like the XO to solve real world problems. In particular my goal is to unlock the potential in these highly mobile smart devices with wireless and other communications capabilities for massive distributed communications without the need of a central infrastructure.

A lot of people focus on the mesh (or even 802.11 in general) as simply a way to get on the internet and never get past the client-server model where everything is on some centralized server out in the cloud somewhere. With modern technology quite a bit of power and storage is available even in the lowest end computer equipment available today. allow them to talk to each-other and become both a client and a server at the same time and you can create an electronic community that is intensely local and can exist anywhere where people can meet to exchange information electronically. weather it is in real time in a group setting or on a store and forward basis (like with a distributed BBS system which is what Teotwawki_Net provides)

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