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This page is an overview of a pilot program that will happen in 2012 in Peru. This effort is being led by Peru Local Lab. The detailed information (in Spanish) is located on the Peru Local Lab home page. This page also contains technical details of implementation that might be helpful for other deployments.



The whole picture is split into three layers: Schools, Deployment team, Upstream. The current section briefly characterize all of them.


The are two types of schools:

  • schools, one-teacher schools in villages:
    • laptop per child model;
    • about 10-20 students of different ages;
    • lack of technical support, only teachers;
    • no connectivity;
    • only XO laptops, no wireless access points, no dedicated hardware for school servers.
  • town schools (CRT):
    • computer labs, not laptop per child, model;
    • skilled technical personnel;
    • good connectivity;
    • good hardware equipment.

Deployment team

  • Aleksey Lim
  • Bernie Innocenti
  • Chris Leonard
  • Juan Camilo Lema
  • Koke Contreras
  • Laura Vargas
  • Sebastian Silva



The rest of Sugar community.

The problem

The problems with one-teacher schools are:

  • Lack of technical support, only teachers;
  • No connectivity;
  • Only XO laptops, no wireless access points, no dedicated hardware for school servers to server additional content;
  • No translation to local languages.



All involved people might be categorized by the following roles.

XO students

Students from one-teacher multi-grade schools. They have XOs in personal usage.

XO teachers

Teachers from one-teacher multi-grade schools. They have XOs in personal usage as well. They are the only who maintain XO related workflows at schools on daily basis.


Any person who can travel from one-teacher multi-grade schools to an internet access point and back.

Teachers Trainer

Lab students

Lab teachers

Network coordinators / Community Managers

  • Activate Network
  • Merge data
  • Moderate data
  • Monitor metrics
  • Connect downstream needs and upstream implementation
TODO more specific


The rest of Sugar community.
TODO concretize.


Major components are:

They are spread within the Roles as:

XO students have:

  • XO image Hexoquinasa;
  • Sugar Network frontend;
  • Statistics monitor.

XO teachers's XOs operate as school servers and contain:

  • Additional storage on SD card;
  • School Sugar Network server;
  • A copy of XO updates repository;
  • (?) Jabber server;
  • (?) Journal backups;
  • (?) Anti-thief support.

Synchronization USB key

  • Sync data as a singular file that might be uploaded in any way,
  • the script to upload data,
  • Live image to boot to the hw and upload data.

Lab students

  • Trisquel image of Hexoquinasa;



These are kinds of workflows that Roles can take part in. The particular activity might involve several Players and several Roles.


A Chaski travels between a school that needs to be synchronized and a place with the connectivity.
The process is only about carrying the USB key, the rest should be done automatically.
TODO describe the process.

Training teachers

A process of teaching XO Teachers to use the system.
TODO describe the process.

Maintaining the Sugar Network

Network Coordinators
TODO describe the process.
  • Maintain XO system updates repository;

Sugar Network's workflows

The workflows that relate to Sugar Network.