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Upcoming Events

Spring 2024 Fundraiser Events

Date Event Title Start time (Eastern) Start time (UTC) Event Description People Public link
May 3 Sugar Labs: Past, Present, and Future Start time (Eastern): 15:00 ET Start time (UTC): 19:00 UTC Introduction to Sugar Labs, where we came from, where we hope to go Devin Ulibarri, Walter Bender, Samson Goddy, and Perrie Ojemeh Public link:
May 10 Musical Squares: From Turtle Blocks to Music Blocks and Beyond Start time (Eastern): 15:00 ET Start time (UTC): 19:00 UTC Learn about Music Blocks, visual programming language with a hands-on activity Devin Ulibarri, Walter Bender Public link:
May 17 Learn to make games with Gameeky! Start time (Eastern): 15:00 ET Start time (UTC): 19: UTC Play, create and learn: Gameeky lets young learners and educators create and explore cooperative games and learning experiences. Martin Abente Lahaye Public link:
May 24 An OLPC update with Lylian Peraza Start time (Eastern): 15:00 ET Start time (UTC): 19:00 UTC A discussion with Lylian Peraza, Vice President of Project Development at OLPC Lylian Peraza Public link:
May 31 Learn: How to git involved with Sugar Labs this summer Start time (Eastern): 15:00 ET Start time (UTC): 19:00 UTC Information about how to "get" involved with Sugar Labs Devin Ulibarri, accompanied by Sugar Labs volunteers Public link:
June 7 GSoC+DMP contributors initial check-in 1 of 2: Music Blocks projects Start time (Eastern): 13:00 ET Start time (UTC): 17:00 UTC An introduction to Google Summer of Code (GSoC) and DMP projects this summer, presented by GSoC and DMP interns and facilitated by their mentors, Devin Ulibarri, Walter Bender, and Anindya Kundu. Ajeet Pratap Singh,Shaik Khadar Vali, Abhijeet Singh, Mubashir Shariq, and Karan Shailesh Palan Public link:

More about the fundraiser: Fundraisers/2024/Spring

Full plan (draft; not finalized):

Past Events

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Ongoing Meetings

Governance Meetings

We meet every two weeks to discuss governance topics. See for more info.

Music Blocks Meetings

We meet twice a week to discuss Music Blocks topics. The meeting times and location are posted as the topic for

Meeting Log Archives

Archives of meetings can be found at <>.