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  • go to the Journal
  • scroll through the list using your Finger
  • look for a specific entry
  • resume an entry


  • open Browse
  • load a page with long text (e.g. Wikipedia "New York City")
  • read the page, look for specific information (e.g. "Music")

Activities list

  • go to the Home View, open the Activity list
  • scroll to a specific entry
  • start a new instance

Ebook mode

Create a Memorize game with pictures taken in Record

  • switch laptop in ebook mode
  • open Record
  • take a few pictures
  • name them in Record
  • name them in the Journal

  • open Memorize
  • go to edit mode
  • delete the existing tiles
  • add new tiles from the pictures taken
  • modify an existing tile
  • play game
  • name the game (Activity title)