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Sugar Labs is applying to participating in Google Code-in for 2012.

Message to potential participants

It is important that you obtain permission of your parents.

Es importante que obtengas el permiso de tus padres para participar.

Please see the Contest Rules for Eligibility and Registration process.

Details regarding the required forms and paperwork are here: GoogleCodeIn2012/Participate#Students.

Why we are participating

Sugar is written and maintained by volunteers, who range from seasoned professionals to children as young as 12-years of age. Children who have grown up with Sugar have transitioned from Sugar users to Sugar App developers to Sugar maintainers. They hang out on IRC with the global Sugar developer community and are full-fledged members of the Sugar development team. It is this latter group of children we hope will participate in and benefit from Google Code-in. Specifically we want to re-enforce the message that Sugar belongs to its users and that they have both ownership and the responsibility that ownership implies. Just as learning is not something done to you, but something you do, learning with Sugar ultimately means participating in the Sugar development process. At Sugar Labs, we are trying to bring the culture of Free Software into the culture of school. So the Code-in is not just an opportunity for us to get some tasks accomplished, it is quintessential to our overall mission.

About GCI

Code-in FAQ


This brainstorming page lists some general categories from which specific individual tasks can be specified. (Note: We had a number of tasks listed in our GSOC application that may be relevant to GCI. We also have many Features that are still pending.)

Tasks related to writing or refactoring code
Tasks related to creating/editing documents and helping others learn more
Tasks related to community management, outreach/marketing, or studying problems and recommending solutions
Quality Assurance
Tasks related to testing and ensuring code is of high quality.
User Interface
Tasks related to user experience research or user interface design and interaction
Title Description Hours Mentor Category Tag
Pootle helper-script Write a new pootle-helper script for doing preventative msgfmt checks. 20 cjl Code i18n
Sugarize Virtaal Sugarize Virtaal for L10n bootstrapping 60 cjl Code i18n
GTK2-to-GTK3 conversion Convert Sugar activities from GTK-2 to GTK-3 framework. 10 walterbender, humitos Code gtk3
Set background image Implement the set background image on Home View Feature. 40 walterbender Code sugar
Multiple Homeviews Implement the multiple homeview feature 60 walterbender Code sugar
Package toolbar utils Package Sugar activity utilities 2 walterbender Code toolkit
Infoslicer enhancement (wikislices) Extend the Infoslicer activity to be able to use the local content in the Wikislices project. 20 humitos Code activity
Infoslicer enhancement (journal images) Extend the Infoslicer activity to be able to use images from the Sugar Journal 20 humitos Code activity
Implement collaboration in Paint Activity Paint Activity does not implement collaboration yet. 40 gonzalo Code activity
Implement a presentation mode in Fototoon Fototoon should have a view to edit and view one cell at a time using the full screen. 40 gonzalo Code activity
Sugarize Python Turtle module Will require port of the Python turtle module to GTK (currently it is QT) 60 walterbender Code activity
Turtle Art nutrition Further develop the prototype Turtle Nutrition plug-in into a stand-alone activity. 60 walterbender Code activity
Portfolio videos Add a mechanism for exporting .ogv (voice over still images) of a portfolio presentation 40 walterbender Code activity
Improve use of images in Fototoon Fototoon should be able to clip a image to use it as background. 40 gonzalo Code activity
Port GBrainy to Python GBrainy have many good logic games 60 gonzalo Code activity
Stopwatch enhancement Stopwatch must use the game keys 5 walterbender, humitos Code StopWatch
Write activity enhancement Retain font and size in Write Activity 5 gonzalo Code Write
Jukebox activity enhancement Failing to play files with names containing spaces or @ 5 walterbender, humitos Code Jukebox
Calculate activity enhancement 1 Calculate's Plot doesn't have good axes 5 walterbender, humitos Code Calculate
Calculate activity enhancement 2 Calculate error point reporting 5 walterbender, humitos Code Calculate
Calculate activity enhancement 3 Calculate does not always return an error for incorrect plot statements 5 walterbender, humitos Code Calculate
Calculate activity enhancement 4 Calculate allows default variables to be redefined 5 walterbender, humitos Code Calculate
Calculate activity enhancement 5 Calculate significant digit calculations may be exponentializing Integer numbers one digit early 5 walterbender, humitos Code Calculate
Calculate activity enhancement 6 Calculate should let you export plotted graphs to the clipboard 5 walterbender, humitos Code Calculate
Log activity enhancement Log activity should support reading previous sugar log directories 5 walterbender, humitos Code Log
Moon activity enhancement 1 Add option to export the moon phase as an image to the Journal 5 walterbender, humitos Code Moon
Moon activity enhancement 2 Add eclipse glyph to indicate the type of eclipse 5 walterbender, humitos Code Moon
On-screen keyboard support Enable touch for activities that use direct keyboard input. 20 walterbender Code touch
Unified journal view Rather than viewing the details of a Journal entry on a separate page make the details appear in an expandable in-line format 120 Code sugar
Plugin support Design a uniform plug-in bundle type and modify the activity installer to recognize this new type. 80 Code activity
End-user modifications of Sugar source We have a mechanism for viewing the Sugar toolkit source but no such convenient way for making changes without risking messing up the system. 120 Code sugar
Implement help mechanism for activities using Mallard Mallard is a markup language that makes it easy to provide user help. It would be a nice feature to add Mallard-like help to activities but is programmed in Mono. It would nice to have a native Python version accessed through a mechanism similar to the view source mechanism. 60 Code sugar
Palette doesn't appear bug Activity Palette does not appear 48 walterbender Code sugar
Web lightbox feature As part of our new website design, we need a "lightbox" feature. This task is to program that feature. See [1] for details 60 walterbender Code www
Turtle Art tutorial Write a Turtle Art introductory tutorial 60 tonyforster Documentation/Training activity
Turtle Art with Sensors tutorial Write a Turtle Art with Sensors introductory tutorial 60 tonyforster, walterbender Documentation/Training activity
Make your own Sugar activity Update and add new content to the manual Make Your Own Sugar Activities 40 nicestep Documentation/Training doc
OCR Document formatting (multiple task units) The goal is to transform a 456 page image-PDF file of an Asháninka-Spanish and Spanish-Asháninka dictionary into OCR'ed digital text. 120 cjl Documentation/Training i18n
Wiki cleanup (multiple task units) A somewhat mundane task, we need to clean out the spam in an affiliated project website. 5 lfaraone Documentation/Training wiki
GTK3 conversion guide Flesh out the GTK-2 to GTK-3 conversion documentation to include more comprehensive coverage of Pango. 40 Documentation/Training gtk3
Sugar on a Stick guide Better document the process of creating and using Sugar on a Stick the LiveUSB version of Sugar. 40 satellit Documentation/Training soas
Create new Sugar Labs home page We have some detailed designs of a new website that need to be implemented. 120 JohnTierney Documentation/Training www
Sugar VM Better document the process of running Sugar in a virtual machine (VM). 40 satellit Documentation/Training soas
How-to videos Create videos on how to use Sugar and how to use core Sugar activities. 20 JohnTierney Documentation/Training doc
How to create a collection Create a guide to creating and using collections. 5 JZA Documentation/Training doc
Multilanguage screen-shots Identify and document a generalized (ideally automated) method for taking nearly identical screen shots with the desktop set to a selected list of different languages. (Possibly Orca?). 60 Documentation/Training i18n
Sugar FLOSS Manual Update and add new content to the manual Sugar Manual 20 JZA Documentation/Training doc
Sugar assessment tools Research what metadata about Sugar activity usage would be helpful to teachers for assessment purposes. 40 claudiau, walterbender Outreach/Research assessment
Sugar in your school (opportunities) Research what opportunities/roadblocks exist for running Sugar in your local schools. 40 claudiau tonyforster Outreach/Research outreach
Sugar in your school (roadblocks) Research what is missing from Sugar that makes it unused by your local schools. 40 claudiau tonyforster Outreach/Research outreach
SVG internationalization Research internationalization of SVG images. 120 JZA Outreach/Research i18n
Sugar in the Cloud Research the issues involved with porting Sugar to the Cloud. 60 lglira Outreach/Research future
Sugar on Android Research the issues involved with porting Sugar to Android. 120 aguirrea Outreach/Research future
Copyleft Games Research how Sugar Labs might leverage the work of and CGG might leverage the work of Sugar Labs. 20 Outreach/Research activity
Port to Python3 Research the issues we will encounter in porting to Python 3 40 Outreach/Research future
Orphaned activities Do an analysis of which Sugar activities are are orphaned. 20 gonzalo Quality Assurance maintenance
Sugar Touch Do an analysis of which Sugar activities are touch-enabled or need modifications to support touch. 20 tonyforster Quality Assurance maintenance
Sugar Documentation Do an analysis of which Sugar activities are lacking in documentation (e.g. Activity wiki page). 20 tonyforster Quality Assurance doc
Sugar on ARM Do an analysis of which Sugar activities are have issues running on non-x86 architectures (e.g. ARM). 20 holt, jerryvonau Quality Assurance arm
Sugar i18n Do an analysis of which Sugar activities are lacking i18n support. 20 lfaraone Quality Assurance i18n
Special Needs Analyze Sugar from the point of view of special needs and make recommendations for improvements. 40 tch User Interface sugar
Touch UI Help us design the Sugar affordances for Sugar on tablet computers (Sugar Touch). 40 tonyforster User Interface sugar
On-screen Keyboard Develop new Maliit keyboard files for additional languages(beyond those already developed by garycmartin). 20 cjl User Interface sugar
Accelerometer Think of ways to further leverage the use of an accelerometer in Sugar (and other common sensors found in portable computing devices). 40 tonyforster User Interface sugar
How are we doing? Assessing how Sugar is used by students. What is being learned? Survey students and teachers. How well does it deliver its goals? 120 claudiau tonyforster User Interface learning
New Features Survey Sugar users to find out what UI features they want from Sugar in the future. 120 JZA User Interface future
Manage on-line credentials What's the best way to handle on-line credentials in Sugar (i.e.: Facebook Twitter Google) 120 rgs User Interface future
Sugar Network Contributor Hub look&feel Design and users experience solutions for the Contributor Hub ? alsroot User Interface sugar-network


Please refer to GoogleCodeIn2012/Participate#Mentors for details regarding enrolling as a mentor.
Please add yourself to the table above.
Feel free to add new tasks to the table.

Depending on the project, we will assign multiple mentors from our various development and support teams.

  • Chris Leonard - also org admin for GCI
  • Walter Bender - also org admin for GCI
  • Andrés Aguirre Dorelo
  • Claudia Urrea
  • Gonzalo Odiard
  • Adam Holt
  • Manuel Kaufmann
  • Jeffrey Elkner
  • John Tierney
  • JerryV
  • Alan Aguiar
  • Luke Faraone
  • Luis Gustavo Lira
  • James Simmons
  • Sam Greenfeld
  • Tom Gilliard
  • Martín Abente Lahaye
  • Tony Forster
  • Alexandro Colorado

Possible additional mentors:

  • Pacita Pena
  • Rosamel Ramirez
  • Sdenka Salas
  • Simon Schampijer
  • Manuel Quiñones
  • Tony Forster
  • Guzman Trinidad
  • Sean Daly
  • Mark Battley
  • Bernie Innocenti
  • Daniel Drake
  • Raul Guttierrez Segales
  • C Scott Ananian

et al.