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Active Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes
Make the "Get Involved" page amazing gregdek 1 12/16/2008 Content on page is better. Still need strong TODO pages for individual teams; gregdek will drive that. We also need to move "get involved" to above the fold.
Create a sponsorship program walter 1 12/16/2008 In order to get corporate sponsors, we need to tell them what they get for their money.
Finish creation of the elevator pitch gregdek 1 12/16/2008 We have a bunch of pitches at MarketingTeam/ElevatorPitch. gregdek will talk to Dennis and Scott about
Get everyone's blog aggregated at gregdek 1 weekly update We need the voices of Sugar Labs to be loud and clear. (12/2: 23 feeds.) (12/9: 23 feeds.)
Business card design walter 1 12/16/2008 Sugar Labs representatives need easy access to business cards. Walter will work with Christian to get simple, easy-to-use designs.

Requested Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes
Slide deck design christian Requested by Mchua. Can we have a .odp template downloadeable from Presentations, for making cool-looking, SL-branded slide decks?

Completed Tasks

Task Owner Priority Completion Date Notes
Get the weekly meeting scheduled gregdek 1 12/2/2008 Meetings are now every Tuesday at 1600 UTC.
Create mailing list gregdek 1 11/20/2008 We have a mailing list now:
Write a blurb for the top of mchua 1 12/9/2008 Important to describe what actually is. Update: The blurb is written, and has been pushed to InfrastructureTeam as ticket #77. Closed.
Start stuff for Summer of Code '09 for Sugar Labs mchua 1 Done. See wiki page.