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Some Sugar Labs chat takes place on Matrix (see Matrix Protocol).

  • Currently, no Sugar Activity allows access to a matrix channel
  • You can use a computer-based client to log in to Matrix, such as Element or Fractal. This link should work for such clients:
  • Easiest, might be this web browser-based service provided by Element through chat on now.

IRC is mainly designed for group communication in discussion 'channels', but allows for personal chat and data transfer as well.

The Sugar Labs Community uses a series of channels in the network. channels

#sugar or For day-to-day Sugar development—a casual, friendly place where Sugar developers collaborate.
#sugar-systems or A channel for discussion about Sugar Infrastructure. See the Sugar Labs Infrastructure Team.

How to use Matrix channels

  • A web-based chat for matrix channels is Element, with nickname: (whatever you like), and channel: #sugar (or whatever other channel you're trying to get into).
  • Learn about Matrix / IRC etiquette. Try here, here, or here.
  • For Matrix under sugar, install the latest Browse activity and navigate to
  • In a traditional Matrix client, you join a channel with the /join command, for example, enter /join in the input box.
  • Connect to one of the above channels, and say hello. You will see a list of the handles (on-line names) of the people in the channel, and the conversation will appear in a scrolling window. Type your message in the command entry area, and press return.
  • are here.