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see Sweets Distribution

Sweets Distribution repositories: | 0.88 | 0.94 | 0.94:SugarNetwork | Factory |

Factory repository is not intended for regular usage. It exists only for testing purposes during the development process.


Sweets Distribution Factory repository contains stable Glucose-0.94 and experimental features specific to Sugar Network and Deployment Platform. The Factory repository provides the most recent development versions and is not assumed to be stable. If something looks broken, try to upgrade to recent packages and if problem still remains, please, contact us.


To start using it, follow the instructions:


Gitorious repositories with sources are hosted in the following projects:

Look for the master git branches in source repositories.

See also


  • Submit your bug report or feature request.
  • Subscribe to the sugar-devel mailing list and email with the subject prefixed with [SWEETS].
  • Ask your question on IRC channels, #sugar (not logged) or #sugar-newbies (logged).