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Travel Procedures

Please read Software Freedom Conservancy Travel Policy.

Travelers traveling on behalf of Sugar Labs must seek approvals and submit expense reports to SLOBs.

SLOBs are to review those expense reports and pass them along to Conservancy’s accounting office for final approval and reimbursement.

SLOBs are responsible for creating procedures for requesting exceptions to Conservancy Travel Policy, and submitting to Conservancy reimbursement requests associated with their respective Projects.

Persons working on behalf of Sugar Labs seeking an exception to this Policy must petition SLOBs to obtain written approval from Conservancy authorizing the exception.

"Request for Travel Policy exemptions"

>Action 1: Any Sugar Labs member/contributor can request a "Travel Policy exemption" by sending a formal request to slobs AT detailing the reason for exemption, the amount of the request, the date needed and any other relevant information. Requesting party understands SFC has the final approval for his/her exemption request and must make sure to ask with enough anticipation of the need of any Travel Policy exemption.

>Action 2: Sugar Labs Oversight Board members manage project funds, and according to available balance on Sugar Labs Accounts at the date of the request, they must try to reach consensus in the form of majority of votes to approve or disapprove the request. Once the request gets approved or disapproved the decision shall be documented on Oversight Board/Decisions.

>Action 3: In case of an approved decision, Sugar Labs representative or his/her delegate (e.g. Sugar Labs Financial Manager) will communicate to SFC the decision and make in Sugar Labs behalf the correspondent "Travel Policy exemption request" and follow up the result with the Conservancy sharing the results with the Sugar Labs Oversight Board and the requesting party.