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Sugar Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board is a project under Google Summer Of Code which aims at building an interface to promote interaction among users on an activity.

For detailed information refer the to link -

Chat Channel

It is overlaid on any activity and is a spatially contextual chatting interface comprising of chat bubbles thoughout the screen.

For detailed information about the project refer to Bulletin Board Proposal [[1]]

Instructions to setup on any Sugar Activity

  • Also in the sugar-artwork, include the icon hand1.svg and add it in the corresponding Makefile.
  • In the activity code base, search for the Activity class i.e, Class which inherits activity.Activity of sugar3. - OficinaActivity in case of Paint Activity
  • Import BulletinBoard class from sugar toolkit - from sugar3.activity.widgets import BulletinBoard
  • Initialize an object of the class say self.board - self.board = BulletinBoard(self).
  • Insert self.board in the activity container (depends on activity) - refer to Paint Activity.
  • Also insert all the buttons - self.board.box_button, self.board.share_button and self.board.button in order to end of the activity toolbar box.

That's it ! Bulletin chat channel is ready for use with the activity !.

Hand Icon to be included - Hand1.svg

Screenshots and Demo