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We would like to interview the candidates for Google Summer of Code under Sugar Labs. Please sign up for a time below. If you have been told the name of your provisional prospective mentor, and your mentor has put his/her preferred times below, please try to find a time which works for your mentor. (Note that mentor assignments are still in flux; if your provisional prospective mentor changes, we will try to accommodate your chosen time or reschedule at a convenient time for you.)

Interviews will be conducted over IRC; even hours on #sugar-interview0 and half-hours on #sugar-interview1 . Please treat these like real rooms, ie, do not lurk unless you are a mentor. If you have some quick pre-interview questions, we will be in #sugar too.

If you have specifically been told to sign up to interview, please sign up here. Even if your provisional prospective mentor has not indicated availability, put your available times, and your mentor will renegotiate with you later if necessary. We have invited the 9-10 proposals which are currently ranked highest, for the 4-6 slots we will probably get. However, we do want to interview you even if you have not specifically been invited; although your proposal is a long shot in that case, you may impress us, and in any case we'd like to talk to you about participating in Sugar outside of GSoC.

Like many other organizations participating in GSoC, we have received more good applications than we will have funding from Google for. Almost all of our applications would be things that we'd really love to have you working on, even if we don't have space for you in GSoC. If you are interested in finishing your project and would like a mentor assigned even though we can't give you a slot, you can also contact us on the sugar-devel or gsoc mailing list and we'll work something out.

Sunday Apr 1

Mentors attending: Guido van Rossum, Linus Torvalds, Bill Gates ...

  • 1400 UTC: example 18:11, 13 April 2009 (UTC) (Spanish interview preferred) (just an example - I used ~~~~ to add a signature, and added any special requests after.)

Wed Apr 15

Mentors attending: Jameson Quinn, BryanWB, Luis G. Lira, aa ...

  • 1400 UTC: Vamsi Krishna Davuluri (iwikiwi)
  • 1430 UTC:
  • 1500 UTC: Lucian Branescu (lucian1900)
  • 1530 UTC:

Thurs Apr 16 (Wed 15 in the western hemisphere)

Mentors attending: Jameson Quinn, aa, BryanWB, Nirav Patel ...

  • 0030 UTC:
  • 0100 UTC:
  • 0130 UTC:

Thurs Apr 16

Mentors attending: Jameson Quinn, Sayamindu Dasgupta, Assim Deodia ...

  • 1830 UTC:
  • 1900 UTC:
  • 1930 UTC: