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Added the list from the homepage, with info on sugarizing...

The catmoran scripts are more like "sugar coating", not true sugarizing (which involves making the activity sharable, etc.). We need some way to separate the two concepts. User:AuntiMame 22May08 20:11 ET

I like the term sugar coating vs. sugarizing to define them. Let's use those!

it does seem to keep in line whit the whole glucose sucrose taxonomy. User:AuntiMame

Done - User:Graham

Missing Turtle Typing Harriska2 15:43, 20 April 2009 (UTC)

Activity/Application status

Already we are running into some problems on this page. It is not clear to the casual observer what the status of the various Linux Applications is re Sugar. How well do these applications run under Sugar? Have they been Sugarized? etc. Let's discuss here what a portal might look like that is both inclusive of Sugar Activities and Linux and Windows Applications. We'll need to consider, among other things:

stability (i.e., is this well tested or demoware?) degree of Suagrization (e.g., does it support Journal interactions? does it play nicely as full screen? etc.) localization platform dependencies (e.g., does it run on all platforms that Sugar runs on equally well? are there features--such as the data-input in the Measure activity--that are specific to specific hardware?) et al.

Other considerations are: where do I get the activity? how do I install it? Is there documentation? --Walter 12:15, 24 May 2008 (UTC)

I was thinking of many of these things while I was adding application info last night-- that the info I was adding didn't really belong on this page. The goal for Sugar is multiple platforms(*nix, Windows, Mac, BSD, whatever-else-there-is-out-there), but the current ones are Sugarized for Fedora Linux. Not being a programmer, I assume that they can't be easily ported to another OS... and that each OS will have its own list of truly Sugarized Activities. So there should there be an Activities page for each platform. And off each platform page are sub-pages that have a chart of tested apps, apps that can be sugar coated (and a link to how to sugar coat), where to download, install instructions, etc. -- User:AuntiMame 24May08 16:11 (UTC)
There shouldn't be too much of an issue Sugarizing between Linux distros. But there are going to be variations in performance on different hardware--available memory being a big factor. --Walter 18:34, 24 May 2008 (UTC)