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This Dextrose version is no longer under development, please find up-to-date information about dextrose at

Dextrose 1 release schedule

ETA Milestone Description Availability
May 8 Build Sugar 0.88 packages for F-11 In-house
May 26 Alpha1 Preview release for OLPC Realness Summit In-house + community testers
Jun 10 Jun 12 Alpha2 Feature-complete alpha release In-house + community testers
Jun 25 Jun 29 Beta1 No known regressions vs. Sugar 0.84 One classroom in Caacupé
Jul 8 Beta2 Passes 100% of test plan 150 teachers in Caacupé
Jul 22 Aug 1 Beta3 Passes 100% of test plan Two classrooms in Caacupé
Aug 1 Aug 15 RC Release candidate One school in Caacupé
Aug 5 Aug 23 Release Deployable stable release General Availability