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The Turtle Art front page.

Managed with the Jekyll CMS, it contains static articles describing the annual event.


Hosted on


Administrative contact

marketing AT sugarlabs DOT org


Send email to the systems sugar labs list.


In there is a webhook defined, as documented at

This sends a POST request in JSON format to

A container named org.turtleartday.www-rebuilder is in charge of processing this payload, which does the following:

1. Install jekyll.

2. Clone the SL repo.

3. Install Flask

4. Execute a Flask Python App which does the following: pull the repo and jekyll build. This app doesn't parse the POST request.

The site is generated in the folder /clone/_site which is bind to the following directory in freedom: /srv/ This is the document root for the site in the nginx server block.

Upgrade notes

Remember to restart the org.turtleartday.www-rebuilder container after upgrading freedom.