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Oversight Board/Decisions

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2017-04-21: Motion is agreed, added references
== 2017-04-21 ==
;FAILED AGREED MOTION 2017-06 Laura VargasLionel Lake, seconded by Lionel LaskeSamson Goddy: Urgent maintenance budget of 500$ for fixing spam attacks on Sugar Network. Detail of the tasks to do are described in the Technical Service Request provided by Laura. It's an one shot motion to avoid interruption of service for Sugar Network users. Further investments on Sugar Network will be correlated to discussion about long-term support of the platform.<br>(3 4 votes for[ Sameer] [ Samson], 1 vote against[ Lionel], 1 recuse, 1 abstain and 1 member absent[ Ignacio])
== 2017-04-07 ==

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