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According to my resume, I am " An observant of the present, a student seeking experiences, leading to new learning opportunities, presenting a chance to explore and give back to the community. Programmer, capturing thoughts in my blog, a Linux enthusiast and in the habit of collecting comic strips and listening to music.'
I wrote that myself and love writing on a weekly basis on my blog about Tech-Hacks, personal experiences, pointless life events and occasionally about chicks [[ Mixster]]
I like tweaking, trying out new customisation and probably all the things, and breaking everything else in my good about Linux(I use Xubuntu currently). I hop distros as if it is a hobby. Just looking forward to the next new thing. Big or small doesn't matter.
High on Open-Source, Python, and Automation. Interested in Machine Learning, IoT, and some good jazz music.
Available all over the web by @vipulgupta2048
Ping me for anything on IRC, Twitter, Telegram very active)by the same handle.
Email - 
Ps. I love coffee and never met a pizza I didn't like.

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