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HiHello there, I am from IndiaVipul Gupta working with Sugar Labs's Global Outreach Team with Samson Goddy.
According to my resumeportfolio, I am " An observant of the present, a student seeking experiences, leading to new learning opportunities, presenting a chance to explore and give back to the community. Programmer, capturing thoughts in my blog, a Linux enthusiast and in the habit of collecting comic strips .' In some ways that is the truth, but if you like to know me more. You can always refer to [ Mixster], my personal blog and a freelance technical documentation venture that I started, we are currently a team of 4. Writing for startups and listening to musicorganization.'
I wrote that myself and love writing High on a weekly basis on my blog about TechOpen-HacksSource, personal experiencesPython, pointless life events and occasionally about chicks [[http://www.mixstersiteAutomation.wordpressAvailable all over the web by Mixster]]
I like tweaking, customisation and probably all the things good about Linux (I use Xubuntu currently). I hop distros as if it is a hobby. Just looking forward to the next new thing. Big or small doesn't matter. High on OpenEmail -Source, Python, and Automation. Interested in Machine Learning, IoT, and some good jazz music. Available all over the web by @vipulgupta2048 Ping me for anything on IRC, Twitter, Telegram very active) by the same handle. Email - 
Ps. I love coffee and never met a pizza I didn't like.

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